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The company "EuroTEK-Universal" was established in December 14, 2001.
It includes people with many years of experience in the shipping business, the people who love the sea, and one way or another, have been from the earliest years are connected with it.
In 2014, the fleet under our control had increased to 12 units. Our company is an associate member of the Russian Chamber of Shipping (RPM) and is included in the register of self-regulatory organizations.
The primary focus of our company is to provide services for handling bulk cargo at anchorage in the commercial seaports water areas in the Azov-Black Sea basin.
We operate four floating cranes with a lifting capacity of 16 tons and 2 self-propelled floating cranes with lifting capacity, in the release gear mode- 40 tons, and 25 tons grab operation, each equipped with grabs and stripping machines. This allows us to collectively process the 6 ships with a draft of up to 16 meters, and the total capacity up to 30 000 tons of bulk cargo per day.
The company also manages the 4 seagoing tugs with a capacity of 1200 hp and every one linear marine tugboat with capacity of 315 hp We put in the concept of "governance" everything that we do every day as the general stevedoring company, as well as provide additional services to ensure the convenience of our customers.

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The process of transshipment is in compliance with all standards and requirements of both domestic regulations and in accordance with the International Convention for the Safety Management (ISM) and the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code).