The "EuroTEK-Universal" company provides services for transshipment of loose, bulk (including hazardous) cargoes from river-sea vessels to seagoing vessels with a maximum draft of 16 meters. This method of direct loading is quite effective, and provides five key advantages:

  • Provides high profitability for shippers

  • Minimizes the loss of cargo due to the rules of "One Touch" cargo

  • Transshipment can be carried out by floating cranes both one and two to board the ship at the same time, increasing the daily productivity of cargo operations

  • Takes advantage of the delivery of goods by inland waterways

  • Greatly reduces or eliminates the possibility of contamination

Road transshipment at Road- transshipment area №2 (anchorage №451 in the Port of Kavkaz and RPR "Taman"), carried out by the operator of marine terminal company "EuroTEK-Universal" with its own fleet on the basis of licenses issued by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation for the loading and unloading operations relating to dangerous goods in inland water transport, maritime ports.

Our fleet is able to overload safely: cereal, corn, fertilizer, coal, sulfur, ilmenite, and more.

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